PARADISE – new collection inspired by nature

This is a perfect roller-blind for those who like the Oriental design combined with the eco-friendly style.

Neutral colours of the Paradise collection and the exceptional fabric structure will bring a nice chiaroscuro atmosphere to your interiors.

This very special fabric is available in 12 natural tones. This diversity enables you to match up a perfect roller-blind with every home or professional place.


  • NATURAL PEARL Snow Print
  • SATIN pearl
  • OPAL
  • OPAL pearl
  • CREPE metallic
  • NEW METALLIC Satin Print.
  • BAMBOO Paradise

Selected offer of the highest quality fabrics.
Differential transparency – also BLACKOUT fabrics.
Subtle design and wide range of colors

BAMBOO Paradise – new pleated blinds collection.

BAMBOO Paradise is an unique pleated fabrics collection with natural colors and structure. These materials give your interior a touch of the Orient and warm climate.

This collection distinguishes with specific way of sunlight penetration through the fabrics, that creates game of light and shade in the interiors.

Fabrics available in 12 colors.

NATURAL PEARL Snow Print – next edition of the pleated fabrics

The group P400 consists of plain fabrics with pearl coating on one side in 10 selected colors. These fabrics are available in 240cm width.
The hallmark of the group P2000 is a white printing on the fabric which however does not alter the color but influences the transparency. These fabrics are also available in our printed roller blinds collection.

BEAUTY – the latest collection of Day & Night fabrics

BEAUTY collection has been created because of the still rising popularity of Day and Night blinds.
Delicate structure, neutral colors and a bit of shine – this is what makes them the best choice to decorate the interior. The fabrics from this collection are available in seven colors and in 275cm width.
The collection’s asset is the minimal thickness of 0,2mm – which enables an easy mounting in Day & Night systems.

FUSION – pleated fabrics with subtle pinstripes
Collection of fabrics in fine and carefully selected hues.
The items from the group P500 are pearl-coated on both sides. This feature enhances functionality and highlights the fabric’s beautifully woven structure.

SATIN Pearl – collection of pleated fabrics in 12 natural colors
Collection of satin pleated fabrics in neutral hues suitable for every interior. These fabrics are one-side pearl-coated which reduces sunlight coming through the blinds.

SCREEN Metallic – novelties in technical fabrics

Screens with metallic coating without PVC designed to decorate different interiors. These fabrics are anti-static and flame-retardant and conform the certifications’ requirement PN-EN ISO 6940:2005 and PN-EN ISO 6941:2005 of the Textile Research Institute. Our Screens block direct glare of the sunlight (light transmission factor 5%), while maintaining good visibility to the outside. Thanks to a high heath absorption level, they reduce the costs of air conditioning and heating in the room.

 Printed roller blinds B720 and B721
One of the most popular group of fabrics with satin, subtle, floral printing is getting two additional colors. Moreover you can find equivalents of the fabrics B720, B721 and B713 in the pleated blinds collection: SATIN Print.


NEW METALLIC – sophisticated beauty of metallic layers on both sides of the fabric in elegant colors.
Satin Print – satin fabric covered with fine leaf-printing in three selected colors.

MODERN – new collection of roller blindfabrics

Atypical weave, metallic glossiness and harmonious colors make the atmosphere of timeless elegancy. Fabrics from MODERN collection have the highest European quality and design based on global trends. This collection combines noble, luxury look withunique functionality.

Black Out aluminum coating acts as thermal insulation and because of small thickness allows to use it in cassette systems. Also it perfectly fits to roof windows.

The offer of Albedo-Design fabrics is being enlarged with new catalogue.

With great pleasure we present new and attractive offer of pleated fabrics.

Our fabrics have wide range of colours and designs which fit to each customers’ expectations. Fabrics are available in different colour tones, also as pearl, metallic and BLACKOUT. Thanks to that you may obtain large possibilities of arrangement. Our wide offer will suit to every customer, taking into account the decoration and blackout.

At the beginning we present 3 collections of pleated fabrics:

  • CREPE metallic
  • OPAL
  • OPAL pearl

Pleates are the system which allows to cover atypical windows’ shapes, any fragment of window with moving the fabric up and down in the same time. Unique, pleated fabrics and unconventional functionality of pleated blinds make it fit to different interiors like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms. They are also suitable for roof windows and winter gardens.


We gladly invite you to view our brand new offer. This time it consists of three Day & Night fabric collections:

HARMONY (DN1029-DN1039), ENERGY Black out (DN700), PASSION (DN 800 and DN 900).

All of them mark out with the highest quality and follow the latest world-wide trends. Each collection comprises such a color range which will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

The trump of our fabrics is not only the width reaching 280 cm, but also the fact that they are incredibly thin, which enables an easy fixation in the Day & Night systems.

All included collections combine functionality with elegance and style, which make the fabrics suit every interior – both classic and modern. We believe that our products will satisfy your customers’ needs.