Interior design is undoubtedly a fascinating enterprise. At the same time, it requires considering many aspects, the latest market trends among them. We have been analyzing design industry in order to keep up to date with the demanding market and have seen again that several among fashion tendencies remain timeless.


One of these tendencies is the Minimalist trend, which features spacious, open plan interiors with minimum of furniture or decorative objects. The dominant colors are light, soft, or contrasting, giving an elegant finish to a modern interior. You can find perfect fabrics for minimalistic interior in our collections.


Another dominating trend is Glamour, which promotes abundance of ornaments and colors. The colors are rich, sharp and expressive. Together with the fabrics of decorative patterns, they lend an interior an exquisite style. You may try our collection of decorative fabrics, which features metallic and shimmering fabrics, excellent for Glamour stylistics.


Eco, inspired by nature features colors that perfectly blend in with most of the styles. All the warm and cool shades of brown, beige, green or gray make earth tones universal and can be used in different kinds of interiors, classic as well as modern ones. If you wish to create a calm atmosphere in your home, we invite you to have a look at our collections of fabrics.


Modernism, an inspiration for the modern minimalistic style, is an opposition to Glamour. It promotes geometry in shapes and subtle coloring. The main feature here is a tendency to melt boundaries between the out- and indoor space, so that it generally renounces traditional curtains. Fabrics featuring geometric figures but also plain fabrics harmonize perfectly with the interior of modernistic style. The D/N collection fits extraordinarily the ideology of uniting spaces.


Classics, a timeless trend in style, invariably beautiful among dynamically changing tendencies, features pastel, delicate coloring and moderation in ornament. The key words in its description is luxury and comfort. Classic interiors will be finished perfectly with the fabrics of satin and metal with floral patterning but also with all D/N.


Mixed styles is a tendency in interior design which is an answer to dynamically changing tastes on the market of general fashion and design. One of the most popular here is a combination of classic and modern styles. Some of these mergers result in eclectic touch, such as cartographic decorative elements or texts as ornaments. In our collections you can find fabrics that are patterned with the names of the main capital cities of the world that perfectly conform to the title of mixed styles.